What is a “stainless-steel-container-without-gaps-that-can-shorten-the-cleaning time”? – Part 2

In Part 1, we introduced about the dirt on the curled part and how to deal with it.

Stainless-steel beaker without folding crease

By eliminating edge wrapping and folding at the end of the container where dirt accumulates, the cleaning performance will be improved.

We made some experiments to compare those stainless-steel beakers [translated from Japanese]​

Ordinary Product

Dirt and cleaning liquid are likely to be accumulated at the wraps and folding crease of the container, which may cause contamination.

SMA Product

Elimination of wrapping and folding crease prevents dirt and cleaning fluids from accumulating, which improved the cleaning performance and prevented contamination.

Use a handle that prevents liquid and dirt from entering

By making the shape of the handle as round-bar shape(without hollow)and welding the gap all the way around, the dirt does not accumulate on the handle, so that the cleaning time can be shortened.

Ordinary product

Since the standard handle is attached by spot welding, a gap was created between the container’s body and the handle.

In addition, because the handle is press-formed and hollow-shaped, so it is difficult to remove the dirt and cleaning liquids that entered the cavity on the handle.

SMA container

A round bar handle is attached to a stainless-steel container by full-circled welding.

There are no gaps or cavities between the container and the handle, and dirt or cleaning liquids are not easily accumulated, so the cleaning time can be shortened.

If you want to prevent further contamination on the container surface

By applying “electrolytic polishing”, it is possible to remove dirt that cannot be removed by normal way of cleaning.

In addition, because the surface is smoothed, dirt is hard to accumulate, so that the cleanliness is improved.

Example Production

Sanitary container [SMA]

It is a stainless-steel container which gap is removed by full-circle welding around the curl rim part and the handle.

Sanitary tray[VAS]

A stainless-steel batt made of SUS316L and electro-polished with no curl rim at the end.

Sanitary beaker [BK-SMA]

It is a stainless-steel beaker made of SUS316L with all edges welded without folding creases at the ends.

Example of handle changing

The customers can custom the shape of the no-gap handle.

Please feel free to contact us about contamination prevention measures!

By eliminating the gap in the container, not only the cleaning time can be shortened, but also contamination from the container can be prevented.