What is a “stainless-steel-container-without-gaps-that-can-shorten-the-cleaning time”? – Part 1

Have you ever encountered situations like those?

  1. The contents and dirt got into the edge of the container and could not be removed.
  2. Troubled by the accumulated dirt on the handle.
  3. In the cleaning process, it takes a long time to remove the dirt and cleaning fluid entered into the gap of the container.

If dirt or foreign matter gets into the gap of the container, it is not easy to remove them.

Not only does it take time for the cleaning process, but dirt and cleaning fluid that cannot be removed may cause contamination.

So, what kind of stainless-steel container can shorten the cleaning time?

Seamless stainless-steel container(curlrim)

By completely welding the gap at the curl rim, foreign matter is prevented from entering the edge or gap of the container.

It’s totally different! Comparison of normal products and stainless steel containers without gaps [translated from Japanese]

Standard Product

Since the standard poducts have gap in the curlrim part, dirt is liable to remain, and it is difficult to clean inside.

SMA container (curl seal)

By welding the gap around the edge of the circumference, water and powder will never accumulate, which can shorten the cleaning time.

What is an SMA container?

A stainless-steel container with no gaps on rims and handles, which can prevent liquid, dirt, and foreign matter from accumulating. It is a kind of stainless-steel container with improved washability.

It is often used in various fields including pharmaceutical factories.

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