“Slant-Bottom Container”: An Advanced Type of Stainless-Steel Container​

Stainless-steel containers are often used at work, in factories, at home, as containers for storing raw materials, and as cooking utensils. Among those stainless-steel containers, there may not be too many people know “slant-bottom container” yet.

This time, we will introduce “slant-bottom container” which is a little different from ordinary containers.

What is a "Slant-Bottom" Container"?

A slant-bottom container has a bottom sloping toward the outlet. So, even if the container is not tilted, the liquid will naturally collected at the outlet. This mechanism is excellent in liquid discharging performance.

Normal Flat-Bottom Containers: Waste of liquid

Because there is a certain distance between the outlet and the bottom of the container, where liquid remains. And the liquid waste happens due to the difficulty of discharging the entire amount of liquid.

Slant-Bottom Container: Smooth discharging & No Waste of Liquid

The bottom is inclined toward the outlet, and the liquid flows toward the outlet naturally.

There is no level difference between the outlet and the bottom that prevents discharge, and the entire amount of liquid can be discharged.

It is convenient at times like this!

When you need to discharge the liquid thoroughly or smoothly

If you attach a joint to a normal container, there will be a liquid residue.

To discharge the entire amount, the container must be tilted.

The slant-bottom container has a sloped bottom toward the outlet and the welded part of the fitting is flat, so that the entire contents can be discharged smoothly.

When you need to horizontal/straight pipe-connecting, or to keep the height of the container lower

If you want the pipe to run laterally when discharge from the bottom, you might need to convert the direction, such as with an elbow.

There should be enough space (height) under the container to allow the pipes to connect.

The slant-bottom container has a lateral discharge, so it can be connected straight to the piping even at a low position.

Bottom-discharge style container

Slant-Bottom container

*Suitable for draining downwards only.

*When discharged horizontally, the piping becomes longer than usual. 

*Space (height) is required at the bottom of the outlet.

*Can be connected straight to piping.

*The piping can be shortened.

*The total height of the container can be lowered.

When you need to adjust emissions (Flow rate)

If a manual two-way ball valve is attached, flow rate can be easily adjusted on the container side.

The valve at the bottom of the lower outlet is difficult to operate, but the slant-bottom container can be easily opened and closed because it is laterally discharged.

Bottom-discharge style container

Slant-Bottom container

*Since the valve is located at the bottom of the container, it only can be opened and closed by squatting.

*Difficult to see how it opens and closes because it has been installed under the container.

*The valve is on the side of the container, so it can be easily opened and closed it without crouching.

*It is easy to know the state of opening and closing.

Lineup of Slant-Bottom Containers by Applications

Standard Lid (3 types)

Standard lid type

Catch-clip sealed type

Lever-band sealed type


Standard type with lid. 

This type is best if no sealing is required.


A clip is attached to the container, so no parts are necessary for sealing.

It can be easily sealed with a clip.


Unlike the clip, there is no sealing part attached to the container, so it is easy to wash.

It can be easily sealed with a lever-band.

For moving the container from one process to another(containers with casters and legs)

Standard lid type


Catch-clip sealed type


Lever-band sealed type




With Jacket and agitator mount 



With agitator mount

For adjusting the temperature of contents (Jacket Container)

Standard lid type


Lever-band sealed type



With casters and legs


With casters and legs


With agitator mounts, casters and legs

For setting an agitator (Container with agitator mount)



With casters and legs


With casters and legs

Cases of Full custom-made Containers

We can design and manufacture the tank as your request from the beginning.

The minimum order quantity is, of course, “1”.

Standard lid type

With jacket, heater and agitator

With funnel and level meter

With jacket, casters and long legs

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