[TA-CN] bottle cleaning table


It is a compact bottle simple cleaning table that can be used in a general sink.
Others mouth is hard to wash narrow, it can be cleaned by simply set upside down.

○ without the use of equipment such as a pump, you can wash the cleaning table simply by connecting to the faucet.
○ is the best in A Simple and effort reduction of bottle cleaning operations.
Since ○ do not use electricity, it can be safe to use in the water around.
○ to change the direction of the spacer, it can be used in a wide range of caliber.
If ○ caliber φ20~134mm, other than our stainless steel bottles (bottles and cans) can also be cleaned.
○ spray nozzle is injected into evenly-round, you can apply the water to the dirt.
The 〇 end and is fitted the cover, do not damage the sink.
○ cars is strong stainless steel to rust.

Product introduction video

​Product Specifications

Body ... SUS304

Cleaning nozzle ... SUS303

Spacer ... POM

End cover ... EPDM


Horse Hose band is not included.

? Please be sure to hold the bottle while the water is out.

- Please do not issue the water in a state that does not set the bottle.

Spacers using, please be used in a state in which water from the bottle comes out.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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