[STB] hanging a general-purpose container


To easily carry, it is Kabusebuta with a round stainless tank of the bucket type.

○ handle stainless general purpose container that was in the vine (handle for hanging).
○ compared to the normal of the handle, it is useful to free up carrying at the time and contents.
Since ○ that with Kabusebuta to prevent contamination such as dust.
○ the corner of the bottom is hard to R structure that accumulate dirt.

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​Product Specifications

The container body ... SUS304

Lid (stock lid [SF]) ... SUS304

Vine ... SUS304

● Surface treatment: the inner and outer surfaces buffing

● use conditions: atmospheric pressure (pressurization and depressurization is impossible)

※ lid, no possession Gila lid [HF] changes to is also possible.

There is also made SUS316L.

There is also a type that can be stacked housed in nested.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

Model # List

LkgDH1W1W2H2tStock LidFlat LidDays
STB-27152.6270270284327444 0.8Compliant2
●is standard and ○ is optional. Length in mm.

Details & Notes

Stainless steel tank that can be held with one hand, which is ideal for carrying around a lot

In the two-handle type with handles on both sides, you must carry it with both hands, but this product uses a hanging handle, and you can lift the container with one hand. Also, when not transporting, the handle will fall over and will not take up any width.

Easy-to-clean corner radius bottom

Since it is a round stainless steel container, there is no edge.
R (R /roundness) is attached to the rising part of the bottom, making it easy to remove dirt without the contents entering.
It can be used hygienically because it has excellent cleanability inside the container that comes into direct contact with the contents.

You can purchase only the “lid”, “packing”, and “container body”

We also accept orders for consumables separately. Please let us know your desired specifications at the time of quotation (Example: I want only the packing of CTB-30).
* We do not sell only handles.

Made-to-order case

We will design and manufacture custom-made products from one item. Please feel free to contact us.

Chemical manufacturer adoption case

Two padlocks are attached to the left and right so that opening and closing can be controlled.

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Can I change the material of the container?
I can do it. also available SUS316L-made products in the standard.
Are you under pressure?
You can not pressure.
Do you have a mouth with type?
stainless steel bucket.
We want those with a scale.
you standard there is a product with a scale. special order is also possible.
Do you detached vine?
Taking into account the safety, it has become a specification that can not be removed. However, pulling strongly the vine, possession that it may come off as being the use of such lifting grabbed the other (pipe section), please be careful when handling.

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