[SPV-H-S] super pocket-less valve (manual type)


Require the hygiene management of food and pharmaceutical and cosmetics are used in the manufacturing environment, it is an excellent valve to sanitation.

○ liquid pool and worries of contamination is not, it is a sanitary valve that can be greatly shortened cleaning time.
○ tube body (connection portion) is integrated with the piping connection packing, it has been covered all wetted parts.
○ to the valve internal (wetted parts) parts has realized the full pocket-less zero pocket structure not at all.
○ silicon tube can be cleaned easily removed.
○ It is easy maintenance simple pinch valve structure.

Product introduction video

​Product Specifications

Wetted parts (silicon tube) ... special silicon (Food Sanitation Law compliant products)

Non-wetted parts ... SUS304 ? resin

Size rules ... 1S, 1.5S, to 2S

Breakdown voltage ... 0.45MPa

Heat ... see Appendix

Vacuum-proof ... -0.02MPa

Durability ... 30000 times (conditions pressure: 0.5MPa Temperature: room temperature)

Connection ... IDF ferrule clamp

Operation ... Manual: 90 ° rotation lever handle type

※ There is also an automatic type.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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