[SLF-TNK] stainless lifter (vessel reversing type)


Reversing drum lifter made of hard rust in clean stainless

○ The vessel was fixed to the lifter, lifting, moving, you can reverse discharge.
○ requires raw materials and the entered the heavy container of the product to not lifted by the hand of man, will work burden.
A ○ hygienic because of the stainless steel, it is suitable medicines, to a clean environment, such as food factories.
○ fork type stainless lifter of the SLF-FRK] is also available.
○ electric (battery) up and down, such as the size change, we accept design and manufacture of custom-made.

​Product Specifications

Exterior main member quality ... SUS304

● Surface treatment: the outer surface buffing

● lift: Manual

● inverted: Manual

※ container is sold separately.

※ We become with our container-only specification.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


Since the exterior is stainless steel, Some customers we have on use.
We become with our container-only specification. Custom will be designed and manufactured in correspondence.
Or size other than the line-up is possible to produce?
Please contact us.
I want the electric specifications.
We manufacture in the specification such as an electric (battery) up and down.
Do you have a forklift type that can carry such as palette?
There. (Model: SLF-FRK)
Can I use in a clean room?
Since the exterior is stainless steel, Some customers we have on use.

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It is our job, of course, to conduct in-depth meetings with our sales and manufacturing staff and to design and draft products.

Eighty percent of made-to-order products are completely made-to-order items, and drawing drawings for these custom-made products have a track record of 80,000 sheets so far.

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