[SHB] shutter valve both ferrule type


Simple granular material dedicated valve disassembly and assembly
Connected between the pipes easy to both ferrule type

○ powder, the filling process of the granules, and active in, such as adding step of raw materials.
Since ○ rules connected to both sides both, easy attachment and detachment.
By ○ PTFE packing, you can smoothly slide.
○ It is with a lock function to prevent wrong opening and closing of the valve.
○ a simple structure, it can disassemble and assemble the tool is unnecessary.

​Product Specifications

Material: SUS304

Plunger lock: SUS303

Packing: PTFE

● Surface treatment: Buffing

● use conditions: atmospheric pressure (pressurization and depressurization is impossible)

※ kind of outlet can be changed.

※ SHB-100A ~ 200A requires confirmation of compatibility.

※ SHB-2.5S (rules to 2.5S), such as SHB-3.5S (rules to 3.5S), also will manufacture the size of the outside lineup.

※ There is also one side shutter valve [SH] of short pipe specification .

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


It can be manufactured in SUS316L.
[SH] is top ferrule connection, but the bottom is short pipe specifications, [SHB] also has become the bottom also ferrule connection top.
Shutter valve vacuum, or you can use to pressure?
Shutter valve powder, is solid only. It can not be used in liquid or pressurization and depressurization.
Can I change the size or the like of the rules to?
Is possible. You can also ferrule of up and down different size standards. You can also change to such joints of other standards.
Can I change of possession part of the slide?
Slide to mounting a round bar that was in U-shape, there is a track record of to make it easier to push and pull.
Can I change the material?
It can be manufactured in SUS316L.

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