[R / RF] rib processing


It is mainly optional processing of if you want a stainless steel container is inverted or lifted by the lifter.
Or adopted as a reinforcement of the container, there is also a case to be processed into the lid as prevention omission of hose and shoot.

The ribs?
- are also referred to as a "beat" or "string out", it is working to put the irregularities on the sides of the container.
And roles and to prevent lifting and inversion dropping of the container when in the lifter, it is possible to improve the strength of the container, are processed into the body of the drum.

ribs specifications are two types.
- pimp out specification [R]: The rib machining often seen on the drums. Container weight in order to produce the ribs by molding the container itself does not change.
Flat bar specifications [RF]: The rib processing to be attached to the outside of the container by welding by winding a flat bar. Since the flat there is no recess in the inner surface of the container, the powder does not accumulate.

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​Product Specifications

Nitto is optional machining of metal industrial stainless steel container.

Spacing of the ribs can be arbitrarily set.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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