[PSO-CP] ferrule type 316L straight bottle (clean pack)


After electrolytic polishing, precision cleaning, double packaging stainless bottles cleanly (small capacity vessel)
Such as clean room of pharmaceuticals and semiconductor factories, ideal for use in places where high cleanliness is required.

Since ○ is to remove the dirt, such as a buff powder, it can reduce the cleaning cost of the previous bottle use.
○ does not bring the outer bag and bottle of deposits in a clean room.
Since ○ bottle is subjected to electrolytic polishing to the wetted parts using SUS316L, corrosion resistance to excellent.
○ is an excellent straight shape to washability.

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​Product Specifications

Body ... SUS316L

Lid handle ... SUS304

Clamp band ... SCS13

Packing ... silicon rubber

Packaging bag ... additive-free PE bag

Outer bag ... the general PE bag

After electrolytic polishing body-lid ... wetted parts, precision cleaning

Clamp band ... precision cleaning

After packing ... alkaline degreasing, precision cleaning

Subjected to precision cleaning (more than 17.6MΩ), assembled and packaged in a clean room (class 6)

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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