[PS] Stainless steel bottle


It does not break like a glass bottle, and is strong against heat and shock and safe.
Suitable for storing dangerous chemicals and important reagents.
Packing is made of PTFE with excellent chemical resistance.

The opening has a trapezoidal thread for smooth opening and closing.

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​Product Specifications

Container Body ・・・ SUS 304
Cap ・・・ SUS 303
Packing ・・・ PTFE (hard)
*The packing is set on the cap.
●Surface treatment: inner surface buffing, followed by pickling
external buffing
●Conditions of use: atmospheric pressure (Do not pressurize or decompress.)

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

Model # List

LkgD1H1 H2 D2 Days
PS-6 0.20.26011912428 Tr38(P=2)Compliant2
PS-80.50.48016016528 Tr38(P=2)Compliant2
PS-1010.610020120641 Tr50(P=2)Compliant2
PS-1220.812025325841 Tr50(P=2)Compliant2
PS-1851.618031431941 Tr50(P=2)Compliant2
PS-22102.122038138641 Tr50(P=2)Compliant2
Unit of length is mm.

Details & Notes



The side surface is knurled (groove) so that you can open and close it without slipping your hands.


[Packing] (attached to the inside of the lid)

Because the material is PTFE, it has excellent chemical resistance.



The opening is a trapezoidal screw, so it can be opened and closed smoothly.

Custom delivery record

・ With valve

・ With handle

・ Inner surface electrolytic polishing

・ Change packing material

・ Made with SUS316 /SUS316L

・ Printed by laser marking

・ Capacity change (50ml, etc.)

・ Pickling, etc.

Other stainless steel bottles


Do you sell bottle caps only, packing only, body only, etc.?
We sell than 1 pc. Please specify such as "○○ packing only (model number)" in the bottle purchase.
I would like to put a handle.
We attach the handle that meet your requirements.
Is it possible the fabrication of the basket for the bottle transportation?
It is possible to manufacture. Please contact us for more details.
Do you changed is such as capacitance and height?
50ml, such as there is production performance of small-capacity bottle. It is also possible to change the capacity of the request to change the height.
Is it possible to manufacture in SUS316L?
It is possible to manufacture. Please contact us for more details.

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