[PQA] A-type silicon packing


CTH is / CTB sealed container dedicated packing.

○ covered the edge of the container and set.
○ It is convenient at the time of attachment and detachment is easy cleaning.
○ FDA177.2600 complies with.

​Product Specifications

Material: silicone rubber (Food Sanitation Law, FDA177.2600 compliant products)

Color: milky white

● There is packing with color.

? A color silicon packing (red / blue / green) Model: [PQA-RE / BL / GR]

● There is a material difference of options.

? FKM (fluoro rubber) Model: [PFA]

? EPDM (ethylene propylene rubber) Model: [PEA]

? NBR (nitrile rubber) Model: [PNA]

? CR (chloroprene rubber) Model: [PCA]

※ The above four kinds of color will be black.

Please contact us for other materials.

? PTFE (resin) There is also packing. Model: [PPA]

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


There is packing sample. Please request from the left menu "technical booklet sample".
Can not be used in third-party container.
Do you have any packing that is attached to the lid rather than put on the edge of the container?
B-type silicon packing [PQB] there is.
Is it possible to manufacture a material other than silicon rubber?
FKM (fluorine rubber), EPDM (ethylene propylene rubber), NBR (nitrile rubber), there is the option of CR (chloroprene rubber).
The use in the tank that is already using want to know what size of
Use of tanks and packing photos, please let us know from the inquiry form and the inner diameter of the tank.
Do you have any packing material sample?
There is packing sample. Please request from the left menu "technical booklet sample".

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