PFA sanitary valve (Cynergy® Manual valve)


Excellent in corrosion resistance, is Cynergy? (Synergy) manual valve made of fluorine resin (Teflon? PFA).

For ○ wetted surface is PFA, suitable for handling of corrosive media. There is no worry of discoloration and perforated.
Since ○ non-tacky fluid product is unlikely to adhere high, and excellent cleanability.
By ○ are injection molded from PFA material, and has eliminated the pinhole.

​Product Specifications

Body ??? PFA

External ??? PES

End (brown part) ??? PEEK

Diaphragm ??? PTFE / EPDM steam grade

The connection size 1 "(orifice diameter 1"), 1-1 / 2 ", 2" is (orifice diameter 2 ") three. 1S, respectively, 1.5S, equivalent to 2S.

Since the diaphragm has adopted the PTFE / EPDM steam grade, it is available SIP (stationary sterilization) is.

Pipe and connects with a clamp.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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