PFA sanitary piping (Cynergy® Fittings)


Excellent corrosion resistance fluorine resin (Teflon? PFA) made of pipe, is Cynergy? (Synergy) joint.
And fittings such as elbows and cheese, there is a pipe that can change the length depending on the customer's wish.

○ for made PFA, has excellent corrosion resistance compared to those made of stainless steel. There is no worry of discoloration and perforated.
Since ○ non-tacky fluid product is unlikely to adhere high, and excellent cleanability.
For ○ can check the flow in the pipe Unlike the stainless steel piping, it is unusually easy to notice.
○ The length of the pipe can be changed according to customer requirements.

​Product Specifications

Body ??? PFA

End (brown part) ??? PEEK

The length of the pipe can be changed according to customer requirements (except for some products).

Ferrule can be selected from the two ferrule type with only the single ferrule type and sides with one side of the pipe.

Minimum size piece ferrule is 100mm, 150mm in both ferrule ※.

It should be noted that, on the nature of the material, there is a case where an error of about 1mm ~ 1.5mm occurs.

We need your help that it seems that I have a design that allowed the error.

The dimensions of the fittings, refer to "by Type List".

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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