[PCN-J-L-UT] jacketed pressure vessel with legs pressurization unit


Opening to the Standard pressure vessel of the rules (4S size).
With a jacket that can be temperature control in steam and water, it is a stainless steel tank with a caster leg, which can be moved independently for each tank.

● I put a jacket to the PCN-L] for thermal insulation and cooling of the liquid contents.
● according to your use, you can select the accessories.
● because of the lower emissions, the contents of which can be discharged without residual.
● Compared with the [PCN-F-J-L], is the lid and the clamp is easy to handle lightly.
Set contents @ pressure port A safety valve B pressure gauge C manual two-way ball valve

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​Product Specifications

The container body ... SUS304

Jacket ... SUS304

Handle, leg ... SUS304

Cap ferrule ... SUS304

Clamp band ... SCS13

Packing ... silicon rubber (option / fluorine rubber)

Caster ... SUS + urethane vehicles (two with the inner stopper)

Jacket portion nozzle ... 1S ferrule

Opening ... 4S ferrule

● Surface treatment: the inner and outer surfaces buffing

[Accessory Set] 1, pressure port 2, the safety valve 3, the pressure gauge 4, manual two-way ball valve

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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