[NMW] except with wiper window


Attached to the rule to, it is the window except with wiper.
Even if cloudy window at the scattering of steam and contents, you can ensure the field of vision.

Turning the handle, rotates inside of the wiper blade, you can wipe off the dirt and water droplets.
- wetted part is we use the corrosion resistance of strong 316L material.
Blade part is the hard PTFE material to deteriorate.

Rules to ※, clamp, ferrule gasket is sold separately.

​Product Specifications

Window frame: SUS304

Flat packing: silicon rubber

Window: heat-resistant tempered glass

Wiper wetted parts: SUS316L Others: SUS304

Wiper blade: PTFE

The shaft portion O-ring: Viton

Rules to ※, clamp, ferrule gasket is sold separately.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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