[NMBW-5K / 10K] window except flanged type wiper


Viewing window that can be connected to the flange of the existing facilities, etc.
With a wiper that can be ensured visibility cloudy windows in scattering of vapor and contents

○ of the ferrule connection [NMBW] except with wiper window (integrated) based on, is a viewing window which is to be able to flange connection.
Turning the 〇 handle, rotates inside of the wiper blade, you can wipe off the dirt and water droplets.
○ By attaching to the existing facilities of the flange, without opening the lid of the container you can check the status of the internal container.
Also ○ except for the window when removed from the container glass does not fall off, it is safe.
○ wetted parts are corrosion-resistant SUS316L.
that href="nmb-5k"> wiper is not included also there.

​Product Specifications

Body (wetted parts) ... SUS316L

Cover bolts and washers ... SUS304

Flat packing ... silicon rubber

Window ... heat-resistant tempered glass

Wiper wetted parts: SUS316L Others: SUS304

Wiper blade: PTFE

The shaft portion O-ring: Viton

Size (JIS): 5K, 10K, respectively 65A ~ 200A

Compressive strength (room temperature): 0.18MPa

※ parts (such as bolts and gaskets) required to connect to the flange is sold separately.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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