[NMB-LA] viewing window (integrated) with light arms


Sight glass that the glass does not fall off when removed from the rule to
Now further easy to see with a flashlight.

By attaching to the rule to the like 〇 container, you can check the container interior of the state.
〇 low heat, LED lights high brightness shines brightly inner container.
Since 〇 light is attached to the window in the battery-powered, carry or power cord is not required.
〇 light irradiation angle can be adjusted, it is exposed to light to the position you want to see.
When removed from the rule fart the 〇 window, because the glass does not fall off it is safe.

​Product Specifications

Body (under the window frame) ... SUS316L

Cover (on the window frame), bolts and washers ... SUS304

Light arm ... SUS304

Flat packing ... silicon rubber

Window ... heat-resistant tempered glass

○ LED light specification

Material ... Aluminum

● Drip-proof specification

● 1 AA battery

※ rules gasket clamp band to, is sold separately.

※ specifications such as light are subject to change.

To the rules applicable size: 1.5S, 2S, 3S, 4S

Please contact us for other sizes.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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