[NM-F] with a viewing window protection cover lattice network


Ferrule is a viewing window of the connection (sight glass).
To protect the impact on the window portion with a protective cover and a lattice network, to prevent damage.

○ By attaching to the ferrule of the container or the like, you can check the status of the internal container.
○ when an impact is applied from the outside, it prevents the window is broken. It also prevents dust adhesion.
○ in the case from the inside of the container was cracked window takes pressure, to prevent it from scattering.
○ The window uses a strong heat-resistant tempered glass in shock.
It can be used as a sight glass of ○ Fire Service Act No. 20 tank.

※ When you use the No. 20 tank, please check the availability the fire department of the city that always placed the container.

​Product Specifications

Window frame, protection cover lattice network ... SUS304

Flat packing ... silicon rubber

Window ... heat-resistant tempered glass

Knurled knob ... SUS304

※ clamp band, ferrule gasket is sold separately.

Ferrule applicable size: 1.5S, 2S, 3S, 4S

Please contact us for other sizes.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


As a special order, it can be installed by, for example, changing the shape. Please tell customers of your request to the sales representative. It should be noted that the light with ferrule clamp band for light ( [LA] , [LC] ) There is also a way to use the.
We need to make sure each time the fire department that has jurisdiction over the location. Use and based on the guidance of
Yashio fire station (Saitama Prefecture) is possible, but ultimately will be the decision of the fire department that has jurisdiction over the location of the No. 20 tank. Basic knowledge of
Fire Service Act No. 20 is, "explains What is" No. 20 tank "? Rough-hewn." technology column .
Is it possible to manufacture the size of the non-line-up?
So you can respond depending on the size, please contact us.
Do you support a custom-made, such as the cover to the punching?
Supports. Please feel free to contact us also regarding other custom. ※ by the fire department of the competent If you want to use in the No. 20 tank there is a possibility that is restricted to the processing of the cover. For more information, please contact to the jurisdiction of the fire department.
Do you have any material other than glass?
Lights and wipers Do you attached?

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