[MGNF] magnet filters


Magnet filter to prevent contamination of the magnetic foreign matter.
A triangular-shaped magnet bar, to prevent the re-contamination of the deposition or foreign matter of the powder particles.

○ can be easily connected to the pipe, such as the bottom of the feed hopper, it is a magnet filter of the ferrule connection.
By ○ triangle of the magnet, to the entire circumference and it generates a magnetic force to adsorb the magnetic material foreign matter.
○ triangular shape is compared to the round, granular material will flow down smoothly without deposited on top of the magnet bar.
The ○ bottom angles rounded, once adsorbed foreign substances fled to the bottom, to prevent re-contamination by being pushed into granular material.
○ magnet bar in the circumferential welding and smooth finish, and excellent sanitary properties.
○ filter exterior is easy to open and close with a clip.

​Product Specifications

※ With regard to the use precautions,

Please see the here instruction manual .

Material ... magnet bar part: SUS316L

Others: SUS304 (including magnet plate portion)

Packing ... silicon rubber (Food Sanitation Law compliant products)

Use environment upper limit temperature: 80 ℃

Maximum surface magnetic flux density: 1.2T (12000G)

● Surface treatment: the inner and outer surfaces buffing

● use conditions: atmospheric pressure (pressurization and depressurization is impossible)

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


Since the available upon production of liquid magnet filters, First of all, please contact us.
Connection shape according to the installation location, you can change the size and the like.
In addition, magnet bar of the pitch, length, number of stages, the number of changes is also possible.
Are there also other than the ferrule connection?
We manufacture at your designated Fitting type size.
Can you also manufacture a round type of magnet bar?
Is possible.
Not the magnet bar that can be used even 80 ℃ or more?
It becomes round of the magnet bar, but there is a heat magnet (120 ℃).
I would like to also be used in liquid.
Since the available upon production of liquid magnet filters, First of all, please contact us.

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