[MF-CN / CF-CN] container cleaning lid with a nozzle


The inner surface of the container can be sprayed with a washing nozzle and the cover set.
Ideal for dirty drop ease too much before cleaning.

○ shower nozzle is rotated by the water pressure, and clean the inner surface of the container.
○ firmly devoted a cleaning liquid to the inner surface of the container, slower rotation of 5~10Rpm (at 0.3 MPa).
○ cleaning nozzle and the lid is disassembled and assembled easily ferrule connection.
○ inlet has become to the coupler (coupling) to allow detachable smoothly.
○ [MF-CN] is a set of cleaning nozzles and the sealing lid [MF].
○ [CF-CN] is a set of cleaning nozzle and the CTL lid [CF].

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​Product Specifications

A sealed container with lid cleaning nozzle [MF-CN] / container cleaning CTL lid with nozzle [CF-CN] Specifications

Lid ... SUS304

Shower nozzle ... SUS316L

Ferrule gasket ... silicon rubber

Clamp band ... SCS13

Ball valve ... SCS14

Hi Cupla ... SUS + nitrile rubber

● heat-resistant temperature ... 150 ℃

● use conditions: atmospheric pressure (pressurization and depressurization is impossible)

※ packing between the container and the lid are not included.

※ We are compatible with our outlet with a clip-on-band-type stainless steel container (inner diameter ?360mm ~ φ1000mm).

※ is sure to open the discharge port, please use in a state that does not collect the state and water not to apply pressure in the container.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


Please contact us.
This product is intended to rinse such as simple cleaning of the cleaning before the pre-wash (pre-washing physician) and in the container.
Or can not be used in the state closed the outlet or no outlet, container?
Could you use. Cause deformation of the accident or container takes the pressure in the vessel. When the
vessel water accumulates cause of inadequate cleaning not hit a shower on the side.
You can specification change?
Change of parts, such as changing the length, please let us know the specifications of your choice.
Or it can be manufactured in other shower balls or the like?
Please contact us.
Also pump to send a cleaning solution or you can be selected together?
Please contact us.

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