MAG-NEO? Seal mixer RC type


Closed vessel is a stirrer of the magnetic type capable of stirring in a pressurized vessel.

○ is easily removable ferrule connection.
○ tank top to have a drive unit, can be stirred in a state of being completely sealed tank (seal).
○ pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ideal for biotechnology, semiconductor, food-related, such as sanitation, in stirring the degree of cleanliness is required.

​Product Specifications

for magnetic coupling are using a powerful magnet, care must be fully taken when handling.

● Always seeing the instruction manual with respect to the handling of the device, please use it correctly.

● For the attention on the use of magnets, please refer to the following in accordance with the addition of the instruction manual. "Usage Guidelines /guidelines of the permanent magnet" EMAJ-R005 (company) Japan Electronic Materials Industry Association

※ MAG-NEO is a registered trademark of Maguneo Giken. (Registration No. 4265849)

※ MAG-NEO seal mixer uses a magnetic coupling of the patent.

※ I refuse without permission and all rights copy of the catalog (copy).

※ The article is replicated is licensed from Maguneo Giken.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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