MAG-NEO? Seal mixer RBnt type


○ container bottom outer surface has a drive unit, is agitator magnet type a stirred while sealed container.
○ in the bottom of the container and connected by a ferrule.
○ for the magnet connection, the projections do not remain on the inner surface of the container also remove the rotor.
In addition, the connection ferrule is excellent in detergency because it is welded without opening a hole in the tank.
○ is ideal for stirring to prevent sedimentation.
○ pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology, semiconductors, food products such as sanitary property and cleanliness is ideal for stirring is required.

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​Product Specifications

You might not be able to attached by-container shape of.

- the bottom of the vessel ferrule packing for the connection uses a dedicated product. You can not connect a general ferrule.

※ MAG-NEO is a registered trademark of Maguneo Giken. (Registration No. 4265849)

※ MAG-NEO seal mixer uses a magnetic coupling of the patent.

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※ The article is replicated is licensed from Maguneo Giken.

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