Lid A with nozzle (1 mounted nozzles)


To a stainless steel container lid nozzle (joint) 1 or optional machining mounting.

Such as the connection of the ○-up for and equipment, you can attach the nozzle in accordance with the hope.
○ shape and size of the nozzle, the mounting position, please indicate separately.
○ mounting number of nozzles also can be designated.
○ the nozzle 2 or If you want to install "lid B with a nozzle" , please see the "lid C with a nozzle" is 3 or If you want to install.

working case

​Product Specifications

[Apply lid]

Gila lid [HF] / sealed lid [MF] / CTL lid [CF]

Processing into cap ferrule , etc. is also possible.

here about the type and the difference of the lid for the container

[Nozzle (joint)]

ferrule / nipple / socket / flange , etc.

attachment, such as a short pipe and pipes is also possible.

here about the types and differences of joints

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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