[LA] flashlight arm type


Light carry or, even when the power supply cord unnecessary! This brightens the interior of the container.
The rule clamp band light to with a devoted arm type of light to the position you want to see.

○ compact, low heat generation, LED light with high luminance.
○ Drip-proof structure, long life of the cordless (AA batteries one) (about 10 hours)
○ stainless steel container to the will attached to the viewing window that has been installed in the rules.
○ irradiation angle of the light can be adjusted.

​Product Specifications

Arm material ... SUS304

Clamp material ... SCS13 (with hexagon nut)

LED light specification

Material ... Aluminum

● Drip-proof specification

● 1 AA battery

※ is a set of clamp band and write. Window [NM] Voyeurism is sold separately.

※ The specifications of the arm and light are subject to change.


LA-1.5S (rules to 1.5S, for NM-1.5)

LA-2S (rules to 2S, for NM-2)

LA-3S (rules to 3S, for the NM-3)

LA-4S (rules to 4S, for NM-4)

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


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Arm type [LA] You can adjust the irradiation angle of the light. Case Type [LC] Since the aluminum of the light is covered with stainless steel case, it has been facing when dealing with corrosive solution and contents.
Is it possible to buy together window [NM] Voyeurism?
Is possible.
Can you attached to the window [NMW] except with wiper?
Since the light may interfere with the handle portion of the wiper rotation, it does not offer use.
I would like attached to the rule to the not in the lineup size ...
We will manufacture you would like to in the rule size of a custom order.
Is there a thing of the explosion-proof?
Please contact us.

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