[KNM] corner flange viewing window (square window)


From the side of the stainless steel container is optional processing of the case you want to check the level and condition of the contents.

○ is attached to the side of the container by welding a rectangular viewing window (sight glass).
○ install it in, you can see the inside of a state without opening the lid.
○ the visible range There are four types.
○ compressive strength is 0.18MPa.
○ window portion will be disassembled cleaning.
○ and with a cover, there is a wide variety of custom-made achievements such as in duplicate to extend the visible range.

working case

​Product Specifications

※ option workpiece attached by welding at the time of container production.

Material SUS304

Packing silicon rubber

Window glass heat-resistant tempered glass

Compressive strength 0.18MPa

Control Number 1P007907 (square window cover)

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


Is possible. Or to duplicate, there is a plurality of the mounting track record.
Since it is a product to be used in the attachment by welding, we have not sold this state. We attached by welding at the time of the container your order.
What is the difference between window [NM] Voyeurism?
Voyeurism window you can see the inside of mounting such as the lid, but the corner flange viewing window you can check the inside of the level attached to the sides of the container.
Is it possible to be attached to the lid?
Is possible.
Do you have an elliptical type of viewing window?
There is no in the lineup, but it is possible to manufacture a custom order.
Changing the length, Is it possible to attach a plurality?
Is possible. Or to duplicate, there is a plurality of the mounting track record.

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