[KMS-STA] STA container truck (SUS urethane car)


Container transport truck for the stacked type sealed container (STA series)
Water is a disconnect and easy to wash easy truck.

○ stacking type container is (CTH-STA, CTB-STA, TP-CTH-STA, TP-CTB-STA) stainless bogie for.
○ caster is hard stainless steel bracket and hard nylon made of urethane wheels damage the floor to rust.
○ is a lightweight dish type of truck in the drawing.
○ truck is open hole so that water does not accumulate in, because it does not come out the bolt on the inner surface, it is a wash easy hygienic.
○ is equipped with a stopper in the two-wheel of the four-wheel, you can fix the truck.

​Product Specifications

Truck ... SUS304

Caster bracket ... SUS304

Caster wheel ... Nylon Urethane car

● freely casters four (two with the inner stopper)

Applied container


○ KMS-STA-36 → CTH-STA-36, TP-CTH-STA-36

○ KMS-STA-39 → TP-CTH-STA-39

○ KMS-STA-43 → CTH-STA-43, TP-CTH-STA-43

Please contact us for other truck size and other applicable container ※.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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