[JT / JTS] mounting support jack


To support the installation and removal of the valve or the like,
It is a caster with a jack.

○ is difficult to desorption alone, it is ideal for low position of the valve and heavy valve.
○ mounted in a stand with a lifting function, it supports the removal.
○ alignment and movement is likely to come with casters.
○ according to the application you can choose the material of the caster.
○ [JT / JTS-1S, JT / JTS-2S] is a nozzle with a type that can be fixed ferrule type valve.
○ [JT-F / JTS-F] is the top plate is flat type.

Product introduction video

​Product Specifications

Nozzle type [JT / JTS-1S, JT / JTS-2S], flat type [JT-F / JTS-F] common specification

Material ... SUS304

[JT] ... SS specification

Caster ... Rubber bracket ... SS (chrome plating)

Jack unit frame, spindle ... SS (chrome plating)

[JTS] ... SUS specification

Caster ... Nylon Urethane bearing ... SUS440C

※ Due to the nature of the jack, you can not completely horizontal lift it.

Please consider us as a "support" at the time of mounting and dismounting.

※ ferrule gasket and clamp band for connection is sold separately.

Options for ○ nozzle type

Is the mounting parts of the lateral discharge valve.

? Mounting nozzle (90 ° ? 1S) [TN-90-1S]

? Mounting nozzle (90 ° ? 1.5S) [TN-90-1.5S]

? Mounting nozzle (90 ° ? 2S) [TN-90-2S]

Material ... SUS304

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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