[HU] stainless steel container heater unit


Heating time reduction with high power!
Stainless steel container with a heater, which is warmed in a short period of time

○ heater is attached to the jacket portion, you can warm the liquid in this one.
Since ○ sky-fired prevention function is attached, heater and the water in the jacket is less stops.
○ is the level with a meter that can check the water level in the jacket.
○ You can adjust the temperature of the mixture in conjunction with the thermometer and a heater.
○ The stirrer can attached to the container, it can be uniformly raising the temperature of the liquid contents.

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​Product Specifications

The container body, lid ... SUS304

Packing ... silicon rubber (Food Sanitation Law compliant products)

Thermometer ... SUS304

Capacity ... 65L, 80L, 100L, 150L, ??200L, 300L

※ It can be manufactured in a range of 20L ~ 500L.

Heater Specifications

Output ... 7.5kW

Heater material ... SUS316L

Heater cover ... SUS304

Power ... 3-phase 200V (wiring and plug separately)

Operating temperature range ... room temperature ~ 80 ℃

※ stirrer I will separately selection and quote.

※ stirrer and temperature control box is separate.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


Is possible. Please contact us for more details.
Is possible. Please let us know the dimensions of your choice.
Or size other than the line-up is possible to produce?
Is possible. We design and manufacture in the size and capacity of your choice.
Or the inner tank can be made also in the hopper shape and the end plate shape?
In the case of the hopper shape and the end plate shape, we have recommended a method for circulating warm water in the chiller or the like instead of the heater.
Can I change to a fixed leg does not move?
Is possible. Please let me know if there is a specification of your choice.
Can you give me a selection together also valves and piping and the like?
Is possible. Please contact us for more details.

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