[HTL-FD / PD] discharge chute (for fiber drums, plastic drums)


Is the perfect chute to the inverting input of a fiber drum and resin drum.

○ without changing transferred to another container, are only attached to the fiber-resin drum, you can discharge the contents by inverting.
○ ferrule type of outlet in the choke valve or butterfly valve, shutter valve [SH] you are attached.
○ Because you are tightening in the division band, detachment can be performed easily.
Since ○ packing is the Food Sanitation Law compliant products, it can be used with confidence.

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​Product Specifications

Shoot division band ... SUS304

Packing ... silicon rubber (Food Sanitation Law compliant products)

● Surface treatment: the inner and outer surfaces buffing

● use conditions: atmospheric pressure

※ will be designed and manufactured according to your use of the drum.

※ on request We also selection of peripheral components such as valves.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


We designed and manufactured in accordance with the use of drums and containers.
can. The material has SUS316L. Discharge nozzle can be changed in size differences and other fittings.
I corrosion resistance of need ...
It can surface treatment of the fluorine resin coating.
Or packing there is a material other than silicon?
There is a material such as fluorine rubber.
The difference is that the hopper and conical?
Hopper is shaped like a funnel and funnel, conical seems to refer to a cone shape, but clearly determined not, both in our company is called the hopper.
There is no size that fits in the container you have.
We designed and manufactured in accordance with the use of drums and containers.

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