[HTD-L] dust collection hood with a hopper with legs


In combination with a dust collector, air transport, container to soar powder when the powder is turned can be recovered
You can efficiently dust collection in a large hood that matches the hopper size.

○ specific gravity is the best in the introduction of powder flying at the time of lightly-up.
○ cleaning hygiene environment improvement to shorten the time-workshop after the powder is turned on is possible.
○ hood is connected to a dust collector, the discharge port (hopper drain) will be used in connection with air transport aircraft.
※ only it can not be collecting dust this container.
○ It is strongly hygienic all stainless steel to rust.
○ hood can be removed.
○ There is a work table in front of the charging port, you can put such a bag that contains the raw materials.
In ○ powder clogging (bridge or rat hole) measures, can be installed in the blow disk ? knocker-vibrator. (Special order)

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​Product Specifications

Material SUS304

Packing Material silicon

Ferrule size

Food side nozzle 4S

Hopper outlet 2S (can be changed)

Hopper angle 60 °

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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