[HF] Flat lid


All stainless steel of Kabusebuta
It is a standard lid for a large sealed container of a general-purpose container [ST] (150L~).

Since ○ is less uneven buildup of dirt, it is a wash easy hygienic.
○ handle There is no.
○ end of the lid has been edge-wound.
○ [ST] type of general-purpose container, optional lid of 18~47H size (4L ~ 100L).

​Product Specifications

Material ... SUS304

● Surface treatment ... inside and outside surface buffing

※ It is possible to manufacture any material SUS316L.

Special order and will so be, please contact us for more information.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


We will be manufactured by special order.
We become with our stainless steel container dedicated lid.
Or a hole, or you can put the parts?
We accept special order processing. Please let us know your requirements.
Do you sell the lid only?
Sales of the lid separately are also available from a single.
Stock lid or can also be used in a closed container of the type, such as [CTH] and [CTL]?
You can not be closed with a clip or band, but, as is Kabusebuta you can use.
Material Although I want lid made of SUS316L.
We will be manufactured by special order.

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