Galvanic corrosion (electrolysis) marking / laser marking


Optional processing of the case you want to identify management and validation management of the stainless steel container.

〇 characters, logos, bar codes, you can print, such as a QR code.
Since the processing directly to the surface of 〇 stainless, not disappear be washed, not a foreign substance.

electrolytic corrosion marking (electrolytic marking)
? Caused the artwork, is electrically burn marking method to the surface of the stainless steel container.
? The ions electrically eluted from the metal surface, the chemical reaction black is varied enables to form a thin film back to again electrically metal surface.
- little things and laser marking of the production number is suitable for printing on the portion that can not be.

laser marking
- It is marking method to cut just the surface of stainless steel by means of a laser.
And chemical changes in the surface of the container due to the heat produced by the laser beam takes place, will be printed.
- for the machine by printing, it is suitable to what a lot of production number.

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