[CTL-LZ] seal seat with stainless steel sealed container (band type)


Easy to peel off the label and seal, it is a stainless steel tank that can be easily sealed with a band.

○ Paste the identification seal of management labels and the contents of the container, Hagasemasu adhesive residue without.
For it does not remain, such as seal piece and adhesive on the container ○, will be tamper-resistant.
○ change of position and specifications of the sealing seat, is also possible attachment to a custom-made container.
○ There is also a container with a convenient vine (hanging handle) to the mobile [STB-LZ / CTB-LZ].

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​Product Specifications

The container body, lid-handle lever band ... SUS304

Packing ... silicon rubber [PQA] (Food Sanitation Law compliant products)

Sealing seat [LZ] ... SUS304 / PFA about 30μm coating

● Surface treatment: the inner and outer surfaces buffing

● use conditions: atmospheric pressure (pressurization and depressurization is impossible)

※ peeling ease depending on the material of the label or sticker is different.

Capacity: 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L, 36L, 45L, 50L, 65L, 70L, 80L, 100L

※ other can also be made of the size.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


Is possible.
Is possible. Please tell us the specifications of your choice.
Is it possible to get attached to specify the position of the seal seat?
Is possible.
Is it possible to change the sealing seat of the size and shape?
It is possible, but there might be difficult depending on the size and shape so, please contact us once.
Is it possible to change the color of the seal seat?
Please contact us.
Is it possible to get mounting a plurality of sealing seat?
Is possible.

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