[CTHV] Sealed container with ball valve


Excellent chemical resistance, is a sealed container with a discharge valve.

○ It is convenient liquid medium to small portions.
○ stainless steel container and valve, has excellent chemical resistance due to the use of a PTFE valve seal.
○ the container comes packing and the clip, you can easily sealed. Do not spill the contents during the movement.
○ because the tip of the nozzle you are using a threaded joint, can be connected to other piping or the like.

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​Product Specifications

1, container ... SUS304

Packing [PQA] ... silicon rubber (Food Sanitation Law compliant products)

2, nipple ... SUS304

3, ball valve ... SCS14

4, both the nipple ... SUS304

5, screwed elbow ... SUS304

● Surface treatment: the inner and outer surfaces buffing

● use conditions: atmospheric pressure (pressurization and depressurization is impossible)

※ the time of discharge, please open the lid. It will be less likely to be discharged remains sealed.

Capacity: 4L, 7L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L, 36L, 65L, 100L

By special order, CTHV-39 (45L), CTHV-39H (50L), CTHV-43H (70L), CTHV-47 (80L) are also available.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

Model # List

CTHV-18 41.41801801/41112
CTHV-21 71.72102101/41112
CTHV-24 102.22402401/41112
CTHV-27 152.92702703/81242
CTHV-33 254.23303303/81242
CTHV-36 365.73603603/41662
CTHV-43 658.64304503/41662
CTHV-47H 1001347060011932
Unit of length is mm.


What is the difference between [STV] and [CTHV]?
Different lid. [STV] is with Kabusebuta (stock lid), [CTHV] can be easily sealed with a clip of the body comes with a sealed lid.
What is a closed container [CTHV] with a ball valve and the difference of the container [CTH-W] with faucet?
[CTH-W] general faucet (brass + plating) comes with. In the case of the contents of chemical resistance is required are suitable [CTHV] with a ball valve (stainless steel).
100L more you tank you want with a valve, but ....
We will correspond by custom-made.
Is it possible to installation of the level meter and fittings?
I attached to the location of your choice in the custom-made.
The type and mounting position of the valve is or will be changed?
Can be mounted in a custom-made to your choice of the valve to your desired location.

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