[CTH-C] Coating sealed container


Stainless steel sealed container with fluororesin coating.

○Fluororesin coating film has non-adhesive properties.
○Even if it gets dirty, it can be easily wiped off, shortening the washing time.
○Slipperiness is good and the contents are discharged smoothly.
○Since it can be sealed easily with a clip, it is ideal for preventing dust from entering and scattering contents.

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​Product Specifications

Container, lid, catch clip ... stainless steel SUS304 ([CTH])

Coating ... PFA 50 μm (brown)

● use conditions: atmospheric pressure (pressurization and depressurization is impossible)

※ There is no pin-hole-less. Please contact us if corrosion resistance is required.

※ The outer surface of the container by a coating of baking marked with a baked color.

Capacity: 10L, 20L, 36L

Other capacity are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

Model # List

Unit of length is mm.

Details & Notes

Fluororesin coating characteristics 

“Chemical resistance” “Non-adhesive” “Non-wet” “Heat and cold resistance” “Slip resistance” “Abrasion resistance” “Electrical characteristics”

Fluororesin is non-adhesive and most substances do not stick to it.
Adhesive substances can be easily discharged and wiped off.

The surface of the fluororesin coating repels water and oil, so it does not get wet with the solution.
Since it can be easily cleaned even if it gets dirty, cleaning time can be shortened, labor can be saved, and efficiency can be improved.

By making it pinholeless, It is possible to store and transport all kinds of chemicals.
There is currently no solvent that dissolves or attacks fluororesin,
Fluororesin is not attacked by most chemicals such as acids and alkalis.


Do you have a color other than brown?
Green, black, gray, there is such as white (conductive). Please contact us for more information.
Do you have a coating of non-PFA?
FEP, ETFE, there is a fluorine resin coating, such as PTFE. We selected depending on the application.
You can coating to bat and bottles?
Is possible. We custom-made.

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