[CTB-DRE / DBL / DGR] with hanging color packing sealed container


It is a stainless steel container suitable for contamination measures and color-based management.
Easy to carry hanging handle (vine) type.

○ any chance debris is easy to discover be incorporated, three colors of red, blue, and green.
○ can be identified by changing the color of the packing.
Since ○ a colored, proper use of each container is also possible.
○ we put a handle for hanging (vine) for carrying.
○ Because of the sealed container to prevent dust from entering from shatterproof and outside of the contents.

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​Product Specifications

Container [CTB] ... SUS304

Color packing ... silicon rubber (Food Sanitation Law compliant products)

Color ... red (DRE), and blue (DBL), green (DGR)

● Surface treatment: the inner and outer surfaces buffing

● use conditions: atmospheric pressure (pressurization and depressurization is impossible)

※ The photograph and the thing might be the color of the packing is different.

Capacity: 4L, 7L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L

Please contact us for more capacity.

※ vine is in consideration of the safety, it has become a specification that can not be removed.

However, pulling strongly the vine, such as lifting grab the non-possession (pipe section)

That it may come off as being how to use, please be careful when handling.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


Is possible. Supports the catch clip-sealed container of us φ470mm.
This has become a line-up of the current place silicon rubber only.
Can I purchase of color packing only?
Packing only, we sell than 1 pc.
How can there is nothing of the capacity you want, whether it would be possible special order?
We accept in custom-made. To increase or decrease the capacity by changing the height of the container.
Or graduated, or you can also work, such as drilling a hole?
We will custom processing. Please let us know your wish.
Can other catch clip-sealed container (CTH ? CTH-AF ? TP-CTB, etc.) to a color packing?
Is possible. Supports the catch clip-sealed container of us φ470mm.

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