Container with hanging card holder [STB-CZ / CTB-CZ / CTLB-CZ]


Stainless steel container with a card holder to put a clear case
It can manage the contents of the identification and use process.

○ You can insert or remove the card case from the top of the holder.
Identification of ○ contents, process management, is ideal for document management, such as production order.
○ at the bottom of the holder there is a gap for water draining. It is to accumulate hard structures, such as a cleaning solution.
○ change of position and specifications of the holder, attached to the container of made-to-order is also possible.
vine (hanging handle) without type .

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​Product Specifications

The container body, lid-card holder ... SUS304

※ clear case comes.

○ holder size

Capacity ~ 15L ... A8 size

Capacity 20L ~ ... A6 size

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


Or the fabrication of the other size is possible.
The series is available in a made-to-order. Please contact us for more information.
Clear Case Do you come with.
It came with.

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