Change height


The stainless steel products are optional processing to produce at different heights from the standard height.

○ height can be changed depending on your choice of customers.
○ If you want to increase the capacity of the container is produced by increasing the height than the standard height.
○ If the container is want to reduce the capacity, and production with a lower height than the standard height.
○ When it is hope in size entering the device, etc., manufactured in height to match the size of the equipment.
○ stainless steel container of Nitto metal industry, can be made-to-order production in the specification of your choice.

change range and working case

​Product Specifications

If the container diameter capacity want is a sealed container of 25L in φ300mm will be the order examples such as "CTH-30 × H370 25L".

Please specify either of the container height (H370) or capacity (25L) ※.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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It is our job, of course, to conduct in-depth meetings with our sales and manufacturing staff and to design and draft products.

Eighty percent of made-to-order products are completely made-to-order items, and drawing drawings for these custom-made products have a track record of 80,000 sheets so far.

There are many difficult requests, and they have been created through trial and error. They are all accumulated as our knowledge.