Bridge breaker blow disk [BD]


Blow disk that was placed in stainless steel tanks is caused at the same time vibration and flow of air, prompting the runoff emissions of particulate material.

Since ○ flow of air along the inner wall surface of the hopper, it will lead to a fundamental solution, such as a bridge.
○ would be able to have the air of the missing passage, it does not effect can not be obtained.
○ powder particles hitting and vibration is evacuated, never blockage becomes stronger. Also, it does not damage the stainless steel tank.

Product introduction video

​Product Specifications

New bridge breaker "blow Disk"

[Unit contents]

? BD-08S-B2-UT / BD-08S-W2-UT

φ50 blow disk mini 2 pcs

? BD-08S-B4-UT / BD-08S-W4-UT

φ50 blow disk mini 4 Quai

? BD-15S-B2-UT / BD-15S-W2-UT

φ100 blow disk 2 pcs

● thing that comes in common


Polyurethane tube 10m (BD-08S is φ8, BD-15S is φ12)

The discharge-side tube fitting set

【Component specification】

Elastic disk diameter ... mini φ50mm standard φ100mm

Elastic disk material ... special silicon (※ EPDM also available)

Shaft ... SUS

Air supply port size of the controller ... Rc3 / 8

Maximum operating temperature ... 200 ℃

[Detailed description]

Elastic disk is compatible with the Food Sanitation Law.

Use air pressure as well as the consumption amount of air is a number of the guideline.

The disc diameter, is part dimensions. Some will be larger because it is pressed against the tank wall at the time of mounting.

※ When ordering, please choose a voltage from among the 100V ? 200V

※ power cord is not included.

※ wiring and plug, we will be prepared by the customer.

Please consult separately ordering of wiring ※.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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