[BR] bridge breaker Blake rod


Bridge breaker to eliminate the clogging at the time of powder discharge
Stainless steel is an optional processing of the hopper and discharge chute.

○ you would like to stainless hopper type container [HT series] and discharge chute [HTL-F] during the production of, will be attached by welding to the hopper section.
○ If the steering wheel is turned, the rotation has been placed in the hopper "axis (rod)" and "claw", to eliminate the powder of jam (bridge / blockage).
○ "axis" and "nail" can be washed to remove.
○ power for manual is not required.
○ shape and the number of the "claw" can be made to order.
When used in combination with ○ knocker and the like is more effective. Selection and installation of peripheral devices Please feel free to contact us.

​Product Specifications

Powder contact part material ... SUS304

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing


This product is manual only. When the automatic include knocker and blow disk [BD] . Please feel free to contact us.
Because here is to be the option processing to be designed and manufactured in accordance with the attachment destination of the hopper, sale of a single unit is not done.
Can you get attached to third-party hopper?
Attachment to the third-party products is not done.
Can I change the material?
Is possible. SUS316L (in some parts case Yu SUS316) It is possible to adapt to the customer's wish, such as.
Is there a possibility of such powder leakage from the bridge breaker connection part?
It seems almost not a normal use environment, but there is a possibility that leaking shaft seal portion is or is damaged by wear. In addition there is a possibility that powder from entering until the shaft seal section front.
Are there things that move in the automatic?
This product is manual only. When the automatic include knocker and blow disk [BD] . Please feel free to contact us.

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