Agitator mounting seat B (agitator locus)


A stainless steel container, is mainly optional processing of the case you want to set up a stirrer with a large and heavy.

○ can be fixed with a clamp portable stirrer (stirrer /stirrer) is dedicated bracket (bracket).
○ according to the specifications of the container and a stirrer and then design and manufacture.
Since ○ stainless steel container to Dekiru fitted with a stirrer, such as a stirrer dedicated stand will be unnecessary.
○ In the case of the stainless steel container with a caster, you can move to, such as the next step while fitted with a stirrer.
Depending on the ○ container and stirrer specifications, it will adopt the "agitator mounting seat A" .

working case

​Product Specifications

Material SUS304

Specifications of the stainless steel container, depending on such as the loading position of your choice, you may also be adopted here of B type instead of the agitator mounting seat A.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

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