High-quality stainless steel containers for pharmaceutical industry

Stainless steel tanks offer both corrosion resistance and durability, making them ideal for factories that require hygiene in pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetic industry.

Nitto-Kinzoku Kogyo offers more than 4000 products that can be customized to meet your needs.

Why do our customers choose Nitto-Kinzoku Kogyo


Extensive product lineup

You can choose from over 4000 items of 500 types of our product lineup.

In addition, we can make customization by customer's needs, such as adding a nozzle to the selected product or making a full custom-made lid.

Please feel free to ask us for the specifications you want.


Many products been accepted in the pharmaceutical industry

Our company's containers have been highly evaluated for more than 60 years, especially in the manufacturing process of Japanese pharmaceutical companies. We have countless track records of delivering to Mega-Pharma, generic-medicine companies and health food manufacturers in Japan.


You can order from 1 item.

The lowest quantity of order we can accept is 1 item.

We accept all requests such as "We are still in the prototype stage, so we would like to buy only one of this", or "I want to change the specifications according to the contents and equipment one by one ".



Select a custom product from the catalog.
In addition to storage containers, there are containers that are good at handling liquids and powders, and small beakers and bottles.


You can customize parts such as the lid, body, and handle.
It can be resized to fit the equipment and space.
You can also add nozzles and moving casters to suit your work process.
We will select the packing material suitable for the liquid or powder to be put in the container.
Please tell me what you want.

Choosing from your usage


We have extensive container product lineup for storage purposes. Available in a wide range of sizes from 4L to 1000 L. We have a variety of items with different shapes of handles and lids to meet your needs.


If you want to storage the liquid and need to transfer it to the next process, the slant-bottom type container is recommended. There is an outlet at the bottom and the bottom plate is slanted to the outlet direction. It can discharge fluid smoothly. The outlet is placed sideways, making it easier for piping.

Liquid / Powder

Hoppers are recommended for people who handle liquids and powders. The hopper can be angled to suit the viscosity of the liquid and the amount of powder.


DT series container is recommended for mixing liquid or powder. The bottom is made like the shape of a bowl and it has good mixing efficiency. Nozzle is installed on the bottom and can send the content directly to the next process.

Low Capacity

Low-capacity container and beaker for laboratory are also available. Of course, you can customize them as your requirements. It can be processed to your favorite shape such as the machining for preventing dirt from accumulating or adding a handle.


We also provide accessories for container such as sight glass for inside observation and valves fit for the outlet.

Inquiries and Consultation

“We have not decided the exact specifications yet.”

If you have troubles like this, please feel free to consult us. 

We are glad to help you to choose the shape.

 We can make the product you want just by a sketch.