What happens when the packing swells?

What is swelling in the first place?

Depending on the compatibility of the packing and the liquid, the packing may absorb the liquid and expand, resulting in flabby. This is called “swelling”.
This phenomenon is caused by the liquid getting into the intermolecular space of the rubber of the packing.
As an image, it is similar to the condition when wakame is rehydrated.

What are the risks of swelling?

Swelling has the risk of causing the following problems.

  • The size of the packing becomes large and does not fit the installation place, and the airtightness is lowered.
  • Become weak and damaged or become contaminated.
  • This shortens the packing replacement cycle and increases the cost.
    Therefore, it is very important to check the compatibility of the packing and the liquid, including whether it swells.

What happens when it swells?

This is fluororubber soaked in nail polish remover (Main ingredient: Acetone) for about 4 days.

Compared to the fluororubber which was about the same size before the experiment, the size expanded greatly.
In addition, it feels very soft when I touch it with my hands, and it becomes flabby.

The size and weight also changed greatly.


Battered material

This is the result of soaking chloroprene rubber in chlorine bleach (Main ingredient: sodium hypochlorite).
Just by moving it a little bit, a piece of black rubber will come out.
Also, when I wipe off the bleach around it, black liquid sticks to it, and the rubber seems to be dissolved.

There is no big change in volume, but you can see that it is not compatible with liquid.



Packing Swells = Significant Changes in Size and Weight
Depending on the compatibility, it may be like the rubber is broken.
At our company, it is possible to change the packing material attached to the stainless steel container and peripheral equipment according to the contents.
Customers who have already used our company containers can purchase only the packing, so please feel free to contact us.