Pharmaceutical Industry

Hopper container with liquid level meter

Delivery to pharmaceutical manufacturers
This is a custom-made example of hopper type containers used for monitoring and controlling fluid volume.

・Equipped with a stainless steel float level switch to monitor and control fluid volume.
・It is injected from the liquid inlet attached to the lid and discharged from the bottom of the hopper.
・Has caster legs for movement.
・Opening and closing lid makes it easy to check inside.


Capacity 50 L
Material SUS 304
Surface-Treated Inner and Outer Surfaces # 320 Buff Polishing
Component Liquid Level Switch: Stainless Steel
Liquid introduction pipe (1.5 S Herrall)

Control Number 1J002719

Hopper with square window for internal confirmation

Delivery to pharmaceutical manufacturers
○This is a custom-made example of a stainless steel hopper that can be checked from the side.

・The container integrated long and narrow peep window (Custom order square flange peephole [KNM]) is attached to the vertically long hopper whose height has been changed.
・The window length is usually ~ 280 mm, but the window length of this product is 460 mm to maximize the visible range.
・A bracket has been added to the sides of the container so that it can be attached to the equipment or the frame.
・Uses round bar handle (sanitary type) to prevent liquid and dirt from accumulating.

Dimension Inner Diameter φ 360 mm x H 804 mm
Capacity 65 L
Material SUS 304
Weight: approx. 15 kg
Window Visible Range 13.5 L ~ 60 L
Window Size 20 mm x L 460 mm

CONTROL NUMBER 1U007253 -1 FB # 32

Bulk drug Production Tank

*Typical applications: pharmaceutical manufacturer, etc.

○ Used in the manufacture of drug substance in combination with a filtration device owned by the customer. This device is designed for the process of switching the content from the existing resin tank to the stainless steel tank by maintaining a high hygienic grade.

  • Pressurize and filter the contents of the tank and fill it into another receiving tank.
  • Compared to the resin tanks that easy to fuzzing over time, stainless-steel tanks can reduce the risk of contamination.
  • The lid equips with a spring-loaded hinge, which is easy to open and close.
  • The inner surface of the container has been electrolytic-polished.
  • Filling time can be shortened by raising the lifter to bring out the height difference with the receiving tank.
  • The anti-corrosion top plate is attached so that the lifter pedestal can be thoroughly washed.

Container material: SUS316L dimensions
Container inner diameter: Inner diameter 345 mm × container height 898 mm
Lifter: 1205mm x 550mm x H1521mm
Total capacity: about 39 L
Working pressure: 0 to 0.3MPa (normal temperature)
Surface treatment: internal surface electropolishing after internal and external buffing
Management number: 1U005047
We can not only manufacture stainless steel containers individually, but also manufacture with specifications that combine with existing equipment, and set orders with ancillary equipment such as lifters.

Liquid adjustment tank(200L)

*Typical applications: pharmaceutical manufacturer, etc.

○ Used in coating process (e.g. coating tablet producing, etc.)

  • Feed the raw material for coating and pure water into the container for stirring.
  • You can manage validation by marking the lid and body.
  • The jacket can heat or cool the content.

Contents: 200 L
Size: Inner diameter 700mm × H741mm Total height 1260mm
Material: SUS304
Inner surface: Electrolytic polishing after # 400 buffing
Outer surface: # 320 buffing
Parts: Agitator cover, inflow tube, cover lid (PTFE), portable mixer (air type), tankbottom valve
Others: Electrolytic marking (body, lid)
Management number: 1P005283