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Stainless Tank with Crane 2 Pieces, Handle 4 Pieces, Without Lid​

Delivery to powder equipment manufacturers
○This is a custom-made example of a suspension-type stainless steel container used to put raw materials into another container.

・A mixture of powdered ingredients and water is put into another container from this container.
・Hanging containers are available in sizes up to 33 (Inner Diameter φ 330 mm), but this one is 1 size up 36 (Inner Diameter φ 360 mm).
・2 cranes (hanging handle) are attached to make it easy to hold.
・The cranes are processed to prevent them from coming off.
・Four handles are attached to the bottom so that you can work from either side.
・There are several cranes and handles, so that two people can work smoothly.
・Lid is not necessary, so it is not included.

Dimension Inner Diameter φ 360 mm x H 360 mm
Capacity 36 L
Material SUS 304
Surface Treatment Inner and Outer Surfaces: # 320 Buff Polishing
Other anti-slip processing (Crane)

Control number 1P008449

30 L Rounded Hopper with Lid

Delivery to equipment manufacturers
○This is a custom-made case of a square stainless steel hopper and a special lid.

・The special lid of the square round hopper [SRH -400 x 400] that does not come with the lid in the usual specifications is made to order.
・By adding a lid, it can prevent dust and foreign matter from entering.

Dimension D 400 x W 400 x H 340 mm
Capacity 30 L
Material SUS 304
Helle 1.5 S Size

Control Number 1T001916 -1 FB # 35