Food Industry

Stainless steel container for lid with hook

Delivery to food manufacturers
○A custom-made example of stainless steel containers for raw material storage.

・Requests from customers who use general-purpose containers made in our company (ST -43) for the temporary storage of raw materials.
・You can’t put a lid on a container with a regular lid.
・They had to be placed directly on the floor or on a table, which was a hygienic problem.

・A hook is attached to the inside of the lid, and it is customized so that the lid can be caught on the edge of the container.
・Since the lid and hook are welded all around, dirt and liquid do not enter.
・It was also adopted by users who are worried about contamination.

Dimensions φ 430 mm x H 450 mm
Capacity 65 L
Material SUS 304

Control Number 1T007269FB # 13

Hopper with workbench

Delivery to food manufacturers
○This is a custom-made example of a hopper with a workbench that is used to put powder in a bag.

・The height of the workbench is limited to 800 mm or less so that women can easily work.
・The container is designed to have a capacity of 150 L.
・The cover lid can be opened and closed in half to prevent powder from flying up or foreign matter from getting mixed in when putting in.
・A horizontal drain is used, and the powder in the hopper is transported by air to the next process.

Dimension Container: ø 565 mm x H 840 mm
Workbench: 500 mm x 455 mm x H 800 mm
Capacity 150 L
Material SUS 304

Control Number 1U002558FB # 29

Edible Oil Supply Tank (400L)

    *Typical application: Food industry company, etc.

 ○ Agitator, pump and level sensor are installed in a 400L stainless steel jacket vessel container.

  • In a temporary container for cooking oil, warm water is circulated in the jacket with a temperature controller to keep the content fluid at a constant temperature.
  • By connecting to an external temperature sensor and a temperature controller to control the temperature of the solution inside, and make the solution uniform by flowing the solution inside with a stirrer.
  • By using ultrasonic type level sensor, the level can be measured without contact with the content fluid.
  • Pump is used to feed the content to the next process.
  • Control panel can turn on/off the pump or agitator, adjust the speed, and display the liquid level.
  • Easy to move by putting the container, pump and control board on one flatbed trolley.

○ Container body size
Container: φ 1000 mm × 991 mm (with legs)
Jacket: φ1100 mm
Total height: 1468 mm (including carriage, not including stirrer)
Content 400L material
SUS304 Finish # 320 Buff Polishing
Bogies Casters with stoppers: 4 Swivel casters: 2 bogies
Material SUS304

○ Auxiliary parts

agitator: Portable electric agitator (0.2 kw, wetted material: SUS 304)
Temperature controller, pump, level sensor, control panel

Management number:1S002995
We can manufacture not only stainless steel containers individually but also in combination with existing equipment, and can also order them together with ancillary equipment such as lifters.

Slant-bottom type Container (with square-shaped steel leg)

 *Typical application: Food additive manufacturer, etc.
○ A stainless-steel container with a customized skirt-part for easy-cleaning.

  • Referring to conventional cylindrical skirt, the water will entered the gap when cleaning the bottom of the tank, which causes hygiene problem.  On account of this reason, we redesigned the skirt with square-shaped rod material.
  • The square-shaped rod skirt also serves as a handle when reversing the tank.

Material: SUS304 dimensions
Inner diameter: 565 565 mm (jacket inner diameter 635 635 mm)
Total height: 855 mm
Capacity: 65 L
Surface treatment: buffing
Management number: 1S010741