Cosmetics Industry

Mirror Board Tank with large-sized Agitator

*Typical applications: Cosmetic manufacturer company,etc.

○Container made by mirror board for research and development.
・ Use a large stirrer to agitate high-viscosity liquid or powder.
・ We attached handles in 3 places to be moved easier. 

*Characteristics of the agitator base
・The construction of the base is strong enough to support the heavyweight of the agitator itself.

In order to prevent the container from falling due to excessive weight, the agitator base is installed directly on the leg.

・ The clamp is shifted inward in order to In order to bring the center of gravity of the agitator closer to the inside of the container.

Size: Container φ 390 mm × H 825 mm
Total height 1345mm
Capacity: 45 L
Drain: 3 / 4B ball valve
Material: Body: SUS304
Finish: Internal # 320 buffing
Stirrer: AC 100 V, 0.2 kW, weight 20 kg with inverter
Management number: 1L001857

Stainless-steel Dipper coated with Fluororesin

*Typical applications: Cosmetic manufacturer company,etc.
○ Fluororesin is coated with the cup part of the dipper for preventing adhesion of the contents.

  • The handle part is not coated to prevent coating of the cup part from peeling off when the handle hits the container.
  • Compared with stainless-steel surfaces, due to the improved slipperiness of coated surface, even the easy-to-stick contents can be easily flowed.
  • Before ordering, we will provide sample boards to the customer in advance. We will start producing after the customer confirms the effect of the coating.

Material: SUS304
Dimensions: φ 152 mm × L 500 mm
Capacity: 1 L
Surface treatment: Cup inside and outside PFA 50μm coating (brown)
Management number: 1T007083-2
※ This fluorine resin coated product is the purpose of slippery improvement. If you want to improve the corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, we will make the film thickness thicker or do not have pinholes.