Why Stainless-Steel Containers getting rusted? How to avoid it?-Part2

Measures to prevent rusting of stainless-steel containers

Make sure that no dirt, salt or moisture remains

Please wash the container to remove dirt and salt. After washing, never leave it in the wet place. Wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it well.

Be careful of scratches and "contagious rust"

We recommend you to handle the containers carefully in order not to make deep scratches where dirt and water could be accumulated. Please use soft sponge or waste cloth instead of metal or hard scrubbing brush when cleaning.
In addition, avoid contacting with other metals that are easy to rust for a long time could prevent the “contagious rust”.

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Why Stainless-Steel Containers getting rusted? How to avoid it?-Part 1

Recently we received some inquiries like “Even though it was made of stainless steel, it soon got rusted” from our customers.

Stainless steel is a very rust-resistant alloy of iron.

Indeed, compared to iron, it is quite hard to rust, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t rust at all.

Why is stainless steel so resistant to rust?

When exposed to air, it will form a self-healing barrier!

When exposed to air, it will form a self-healing barrier!In stainless steel, chromium bonds with oxygen in the air (=oxidation) before iron, which causes rust, and forms a very thin passive film (protective coating) of a few nanometers.

The passive film is resistant to chemical change and it is so strong that can prevent iron from oxidation(=rust).

Passive coating can be damaged and torn, but it can self-heal in a moment, so it does not leave room for iron to rust.

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When shall it be replaced? Replacement Guidelines for Packing/Gasket for Stainless- steel Containers – Part2

You even can just buy one packing and one part

Consumables such as packing, lid, and lever band that come with your container can be purchased separately.
You can quote the price to the supplier or contact us via the inquiry form.
If you do not know the type of container or packing, please contact us with the following information.

Introduction of consumables and optional parts

For closed container with catch clip [CTH] [CTB]

The catch-clip type sealed container is made by all stainless steel, which can be easily sealed with a catch clip attached to the body.

Type A silicone packing [PQA]

Clip type sealed container (Example: CTH -18 to 47 H/CTB) Standard attached packing.
*There is an option of different materials.
*Its color is black.
*FKM (fluorinated rubber) Model: [PFA]
*EPDM (ethylene propylene rubber) Model: [PEA]
*NBR (nitrile rubber) Type: [PNA]
*CR (chloroprene rubber) model: [PCA]

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